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Runkle Consulting coaches people through tough spots in organizations. We are dynamic, we are engaged and we are ready to help you.


We excel at organizational development consulting, executive and team coaching, change management and strategic facilitation.


We are on your team and utilize the latest in meeting technology to work wherever best facilitates the success your project.


Ask An Expert


Jen Runkle, PhD, believes that the world can be a better place if we all took a minute to be a little nicer. Her 15 years of experience in corporate America have convinced her of the need. Working inside a big 5 consulting firm, one of the premier clothing stores, and a global manufacturing conglomerate has provided rich material from which her work is based. Valued as a trustworthy confidant, CEOs, VPs, managers, and employees gravitate to her to discuss their organizational issues.

Before joining these prestigious Fortune 500 companies, she completed her BS in Philosophy and Psychology from Boston College. Her doctorate degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology helped prepare her as she specialized in selection, performance appraisal, and organizational development. Her Master’s and Doctorate research focused on the ways we organize the world and the resulting biases in management.

She is involved in the community with board membership, volunteer work, and presentations for the San Francisco Suicide Prevention, Contact Pittsburgh, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pittsburgh Coaches Association, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, and the American Psychological Association.

“Many thanks for your continuous support. It is very much appreciated. I’d like you to know that I am honestly impressed with the results we are getting from the direction you are suggesting.”
Vice-President of Engineering, Multi-National Shipping Conglomerate
“Jen…could not be more pleased with the amount ground covered over the last 2 days. I think you permitted us to gain a vision that is both uniform and articulated. This will prove to be valuable ballast indeed in the rough seas ahead. Thank you so much for your thoughtful guidance toward the “scrimmage line”. I hope to see you in 3 months time if all goes well.”
Major Stakeholder, Emergent Energy Technology Venture
“For the record, we had 3 and a half sessions, each lasting approximately 2 hours. It was worth every penny.”
Founding Partner, Business Law Firm
“Once again, your presence made an awesome difference. You have a remarkable ability to project a sense of logic, calm, purposefulness and direction to all of your interactions. Given the stress of the handling of the OCA process combined with the many leadership changes, this could have been purgatory but you were a salvation at so many levels, Jen.”
Vice-President of Human Resources, Fortune 500 Manufacturing Corporation



Individual Interventions

These one-on-one executive coaching sessions for executive leadership are tailored to the individual’s stated goals and include personality assessment, motivational techniques, and 360-degree feedback.

Team Interventions

Team building sessions with a “moral to the story” – these expertly facilitated group sessions accomplish team goals, and change management coaching to help during organizational transitions and throughout the future.

Organization Interventions

Strategic facilitation to accomplish organizational goals, organizational design for maximum efficacy, and a structured change management process to help guide the organization through the stages of change.

Change Management

In a business environment that is changing faster than ever, organizations must manage that change to achieve business success.

Executive Coaching

Working one-on-one with the C-Suite to sharpen the vital skill sets of leadership, communication and strategic growth.

Marketing & Branding

Partner with the best to implement your changes online through digital branding, SEO, content marketing, digital PR and social media.

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