The latest report from Trend Watching predicts their top 10 trends for 2015.  Here are the top four that have implications for how we manage change:

Brand Stand:  Businesses should start taking a POV.  73% of Millennials believe that businesses should share a point of view about issues; and 73% also think businesses should influence others to get involved in an issue

Robolove:  In July 2014, Düsseldorf Airport unveiled the world’s first robotic parking valet. Customers leave their car, and a robot picks it up and positions the vehicle in one of 249 dedicated spaces. The system connects to the airport’s flight database, meaning that customers find their vehicle ready and waiting for them upon their return.

Currencies of Change:  In June 2014, Russian bank Alfa-Bank launched a special account that rewards customers for taking physical exercise. Users connect their fitness tracker to the service, and for every step taken, funds from their existing account are transferred into the savings account, which pays a higher rate of interest than normally available

Sympathetic pricing:  During the FIFA World Cup in July 2014, Brazilian publisher Lote 42 offered customers a 10% discount for every goal scored against the national team during the soccer championship. After Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany, customers were offered a 70% discount for 24 hours, catapulting the brand to national attention


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