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2019 Strategic Trends

What’s right around the corner? A new year! It’s hard to believe that we need to start thinking about next year, but as all good businesses should WE DO. With 2018 wrapping up soon and 2019 starting, we’re looking forward to the three of the top five trends for 2019 that might impact our clients.

Legislative brands. Brands have power. As people lose trust in government institutions, they will be looking for corporations to use their significant power to “call for, promote, and even impose laws that drive constructive change and make the world a better place.” We’ve got lots of positive examples of brand activism – and your company should have a strategy. In 2018, 86% of consumers want brands to take a stand on social issues (Shelton Group, June 2018). What’s yours?

Lab rats. While biodata has been available for a while now (think FitBit), the future of wellness is about to get a whole lot more scientific. With Silicon Valley working on lots of apps, the future of wellness will be about “test and fix” our unique wellness needs. For example, Nestle launched it’s Wellness Ambassador with artificial intelligence and DNA testing

Open Source Solutions. Companies need to share what they learn to make the world a better place. Those tough business problems you’re working to solve? Share those solutions to make a world a better place. We’ve seen this trend before. “In 1959, Volvo invented the three-point seat belt. Next, they famously made the patent available to everyone in the interests of public safety. It’s estimated that since then the invention has saved over 1 million lives. The brand still (rightly!) celebrates this decision. What could you do in 2019 that you can still talk about in 60 years time?! “

David Mattin is Global Head of Trends and Insights at TrendWatching. A sought-after keynote speaker and widely published journalist, he speaks regularly at high-profile conferences around the world. Check out his work – and others – as you think about your strategic plan for 2019.

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