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Adapt your Weaknesses

Every leader gets hung up on his/her weaknesses. But think about them a little differently and you find yourself adapting:

  1. Not a good public speaker. Be an intimate communicator instead. If you aren’t good at talking to large crowds, talk to small groups or communicate one-on-one instead — and learn to be really good at that. Talk in ways that connect intimately with people, that draw them to you. Learn effective small-group communication and one-on-one skills.
  2. Not a good writer. Be a people person instead. If you can’t write a great proposal, make it in person. If you can’t write a great report, do a presentation. If you can’t write a great blog, do a video blog or podcast.
  3. Not organized. Simplify things so you don’t need to organize (if you only have a few things, you don’t need to organize them). Be a creative genius instead of a diligent organized person.
  4. Don’t have enough time. Great! So take what limited time you have and use it to maximal effect.
  5. Limitations are good — they force us to choose, and in doing so, they force us to choose what’s most essential. That increases our effectiveness. Choose only the task that will have the most impact.

From zenhabits: “Attack Your Limitations and Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths”

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