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Change leadership

We just got done with a huge organizational redesign project impacting 1000 people at a Fortune 500 company. The executive leader was asked to modernize the function – a somewhat ambiguous mission, and yet a much needed one. With the business landscape rapidly changing, this company wasn’t keeping pace. With a leadership team of 15, the leader struggled to get everyone on board and set the direction for a new future. As the organizational design expert, we wanted to structure the best organization to support that vision.

Over the six months, we had many challenges. What to do when people weren’t bought in? What behavior change are we really expecting from our employees? How can we clean up our old, slow processes? How can we trust each other and make smarter, faster, better decisions.

The effort took a lot of change leadership. From many parties. From the executive leader who tried to clearly outline expectations. From the HR team trying to protect the needs of the employees. From the senior leaders on the team who were looking out for their business partners. And from me, as the external project leader – adaptability, resilience, drive to action, and the ability to raise the red flag for key stakeholders in order to avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve seen before in the kinds of projects.

Was the project perfect? No. Is life perfect? Unfortunately, no. But we believe in perseverance and in adapting your course of action until you achieve results. And that is change leadership. If we can create this leadership, what can you do?

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