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Do you hate your job?

Do you hate your job? I’ve talked to three executives this week who are in REALLY tough spots in their organizations. All three leaders are actively looking for their next opportunity, but in the meantime they aren’t giving up on their people and their organizations. Read about these three leaders and find your own inspiration of how to work through a tough spot in your organization.

One leader, a VP of Engineering, is really struggling with his new CEO boss. The CEO has a different value set than the VP and the tension between short term gains v. long term investments is a daily battle. The VP focuses on protecting his team – and making sure to maintain work-life balance to protect his sanity. He uses his commute time to listen to leadership books to remind himself what kind of leader he wants to be (and a wee little bit to justify why his CEO is so…. darn….wrong.

A second leader, A VP of HR in a Fortune 500 manufacturing organization, is faced with a number of peers who are driven professionals, but not very good leaders. Their people keep coming to the VP with complaints and her coaching of her peers doesn’t seem to take root. She’s trying to engage other key stakeholders to get her message across, and she’s working hard on focusing what she can and cannot control.

Lastly, a CEO in the financial world finds himself unclear on where to take the organization next. For the last 50 years, the organization has had a great space in the market, but since hiring a number of strong leaders taking their own pieces of the business in different directions, the CEO is struggling with providing the vision for the entire group. He’s engaging a small group of leaders this summer to work through a blue ocean strategy.

And if this doesn’t provide inspiration? Call us. We pride ourselves in our ability to help people through tough spots in any organization – big or small. Whether it’s a trusted advisor, executive coaching, helping a dysfunctional team, or driving a large-scale change management program, call us.

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