What do we mean by “unstuck”? You know when you work really hard on that presentation yet it doesn’t go over quite like you intended? It’s VERY disheartening and you can walk away feeling like a failure. But what you produce in life won’t always be received with the intent in which it was intended, despite all your efforts, that nifty new graphic, and the greatness of your idea. That’s life.

But when you’re trying to make a change in your organization, you can’t get stuck. The reason you’re making this pitch in the first place is that you know there’s a need for change. You just have to figure out how to convey the need to get unstuck.

When faced with these situations, the easiest way to move forward is to thank your audience for their feedback, and just move on. Yes, thank them for their feedback and just move on. This process of negative bouncing takes time but is invaluable in change management. Truly being grateful for others attention (even if its not what you wanted) is invaluable. It lets them know that you value their opinion and that they’ve contributed to the overall success of the project.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about a situation where you got some negative feedback. Or someone spoke to you not in a way to your liking. Now imagine yourself somehow changing the way you’re sitting or standing. Recognize that this isn’t something being done to you. You’re not the victim to the emotions here. You are in control. Imagine yourself standing tall, feet firmly planted, facing the room confidently. Notice how the social and emotional dominance comes back to you. You’re in control. Feel the difference.

In that place of confidence, thank them for their feedback – and move on.

Keep practicing. You’ll notice how quickly you get better at it. Being conscious in the moment you’re getting the feedback, don’t get hooked by the emotion. You are always in control of the situation you’re in by controlling your thoughts. Keep in mind the change you’re trying to implement, and go back confidently knowing you can figure out another way to get to yes.

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