How do you know if your sponsor is really engaged?  I’m working on a major change project at a Fortune 500 company and though I love working with the sponsor, I’m not sure he’s really engaged.  He says the right things, shows up at the right meetings (most of the time), but the follow up just isn’t there.  It’s like his head is engaged, but his heart is not.  It made me go back to my checklist to reevaluate next steps.

Answer these questions for your change initiative:  My sponsor….

  1. Has a clear vision of the desired future
  2. Has access to funding/resources for the initiative
  3. Is willing to take a public role in support of the change initiative
  4. Is personally accountable for results of the initiative
  5. Feels dissatisfied with the current situation
  6. Is willing to pay a personal price to accomplish change in this area
  7. Uses data to track progress during implementation
  8. Is open and flexible regarding the path to the future state
  9. Will make the change initiative a high priority on his/her agenda
  10. Follows up on commitments
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