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Organizational Design Trends

The big trends in organizational design? Well, there are quite a few, it turns out. Hear luminaries in our field discuss their real-time insights around the theory and practice of organization design, and the implications for us.

As an organizational design expert, I’m looking out for these four big implications with my clients:

· Smart teams: get the information out quickly and let the teams rock and roll

· More networks: flow of information isn’t top to bottom anymore (and hasn’t been for somem time)

· Regulation of the system: if we’re serious about doing the most with our limited resources, why isn’t there an outside objective body assessing our work?

· Get everyone in the room: if you don’t have the financial, technological, and operational systems together, how can you design an organizational structure?

The leaders in the field are on the Organizational Design Forum Advisory Board – a great organization. Some of the greats in organizational design were there: Dick Axelrod, Terri Hill, Craig McGee, Sue Mohrman, Naomi Stanford, and Stu Winby. They had so much wisdom to share:

· Key learning from today: organizational design is all about information flow. Change your structure to match your information flow. #stuwimby

· Do we want to work with the technology? Against? #orgdesign needs to understand and work with technology @DickAxe

· Tension between formal system and how it works with the new and emerging systems #terrihill

· Get all the parts of the ecosystem together (tech, structure, etc). This is a new job requirement for #stuwimby

· Target all levels in your org, i.e., awareness training/tools for all levels of managers #designthinking @naomiorgdesign

· A manager’s job is just to push the information down….. and get out of the way #stuwimby

And my favorite, one that I just emphasized with a client this morning:

· Now more than ever, we need to be careful of how we use our resources #suemohrman @CEOusc

To learn more, check out their annual conference in Santa Fe in April or feel free to contact me to discuss.

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