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Organizational Design Workshop

We’re in design mode this week. Designing a one day session with all the key stakeholders on how to create the best organization to meet the business needs. The purpose of the meeting is to support the larger change  in the organization, determine future state metrics, key accountabilities, processes, and organizational structure. Okay, we admit, it’s a lot.

Participants include the leader of the department and select members of the leadership team, change agents across the department, and hi potential team members who will benefit from the exposure.  A group of 7-10 people will probably be there. Here’s the agenda so far:

  1. Introduction: review work to date:  accountabilities, big changes, and questions to resolve
  2. Strategy/Metrics of Success: how will we measure success for this department?
  3. Process: identify and streamline 3 key processes to enable future success. Pick the processes that need the most change and will create the most benefit for the department.
  4. Accountabilities: review department accountabilities and create accountabilities at each level of the organization.
  5. Organizational structure: create structures to reflect new accountabilities
  6. Change Impact Assessment: we’ll track change impacts throughout the session an review this document to check for understanding.
  7. Action Plan: create next steps with open issues to address, owners, and timelines.

It’s going to be a tricky session with getting some of the leaders up to speed and slowing down others to make sure their listening to what’s best for the whole organization. We’ll close by creating action plan with next steps and open issues to address.Organizational design is never dull.

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