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Run from that Meeting

Why is it you sometimes want to run-for-your-life from a meeting?  In Maria Gonzalez’ latest book, Mindful Leadership, she encourages us to slow down a little – that our first response doesn’t need to be one of action.

“Humans are equipped with a basic fight-or-flight instinct that dates back to cave-dwelling times.  In those days, it was very beneficial – your brain didn’t wait around to find out if the threatening noise behind you came from a mammoth or safer-toothed tiger; sensing danger, it told you to run.  In modern times, however, it’s rarely an appropriate response.  But because the human brain is still wired the same way, the instinct is still there.  If you’re sitting in a meeting and you sense something going wrong, it’s probably inappropriate to run.”

So when you get that instinct, take a deep breath.

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