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The Culture Code

A client just told me about a great new book titled “The Culture Code” written by Dan Coyle.   The big message?  Leaders need to continually reinforce the idea of a big, safe group.  Some of the key principles include:


  1. Put away the powerpoint and start asking questions.  Instead of delivering a one-hour overview about your company culture and the star performers, what if you asked some questions instead?  What makes your best day at work?  What makes your worst day? If we were on a deserted island, what special skills would you contribute?
  2. With our little amygdala brains, we’re always scanning for the next threat – and it’s exhausting.  The leaders job is be a wifi system – continue to send out signals that everything is okay, that we’re steady, that we’re working toward a goal.  As a leader,  don’t get hijacked yourself by that amygdala.
  3. Leaders who continually connect will build great teams.  Finding ways to reach out to your employees – personally and professionally – shows that each team member matters.  One leader even demonstrates that caring by picking up pieces of trash – a clean workplace is one step closer to a good workplace.  So he never walks by that scrap of paper on the floor or empty water bottle on the table – he takes that opportunity to send a signal that this matters.

Think about your own leadership and the signals you’re sending.  Let your teams know that you care.

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