Try these leadership productivity tips for the month of August.

Feeling distracted?

There’s a great reason why – you’re taxing your brain unnecessarily. Every time your focus gets pulled away from your task at hand, you have to double down to get back to work. Try the approach of having performance episodes. The chunks of time you spend working on things are called performance episodes. They are bounded by time: if you are pulled into a meeting, have to answer an important email, or otherwise pulled off-task, then the episode is over. That’s why they’re so different from tasks, which can stretch on indefinitely: when you return to a project you started in the morning in the afternoon, that’s a new episode. For leadership productivity, this approach will help you focus.

Feeling unorganized?

Try the Sunday Meeting approach. Take 60 minutes out of your Sunday to get organized for the week. It’s painful, but it works. Here’s the approach.

  • Create Your Skeleton. Start by blocking out all of your commitments for the week:, key meetings, project hours, big deliverables, etc… You should also include non-work items that you are committed to a specific time and place, such as child-care pick-up, date night, and/or spin class.
  • Brain Dump. Write out all your to-do items for the week including the short term tasks you need to get done, as well as the strategic tasks associated with your long term items. The brain dump can cause either relief or anxiety, but no matter how you feel about it in the moment, go on to the next step.
  • Introduce Your Tasks To Your Calendar Here’s where it gets ugly! Turn back to your calendar for this week and assign each of your to-do items to a specific block of time. This will require you to estimate how long your tasks will take, prioritize what’s most important, and commit to actually doing specific work at specific times this week.
  • Decide What to Do With Everything That Doesn’t Fit. Knowing that you have more tasks than time, consciously choose how you will spend your time this week. If it doesn’t work, you can: delegate, compromise, renegotiate deadlines, and let some things go

Feeling unproductive?

Take the 3 Day Productivity Challenge. Watch to understand the challenge for this week. After the video, if you’re up for the challenge, simply click the ‘I’m up for the challenge’ link below to sign-up for the 3-day focus measurement challenge. For leadership productivity, this challenge will get you motivated.

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