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Work Life

When I grow up I want to be Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist who dedicates his life toward making work suck less.


His new podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant profiles one cool workplace each time– from an award-winning TV writing team racing against the clock, to a sports team whose culture of humility helps it win, win, win. I just listened to the one on Noah Trevor’s The Daily Show and was so impressed. He throws out the term “creative burstiness” to describe the ways organizations really do brainstorm successfully – not only educational, but also highly amusing as you hear the writers riff on the latest comedy in the news.

“We spend a quarter of our lives in our jobs. This show is about making all that time worth your time,” says Adam Grant “In WorkLife, we’ll take listeners inside the minds of some fascinating people in some truly unusual places, and mix in fresh social science to reveal how we can lead more creative, meaningful and generous lives at work.”


I highly recommended this podcast for those long commute times.

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